Thursday, July 18, 2002
Book note: Terra Repromissionis Sanctorum
I got this from a now-lost book I read (The Unknown Shore?) and haven't been able to track it back to its source. Before you go all Doris Kearns Godwin on me, I didn't use it, but still think of the idea as an interesting one.

My recollection of the meaning was of the gateway between earth and heaven--that the Isles of the Blessed was that gateway. Once I went looking for it, of course, the exact meaning slipped. I tried translating it back via the latin--"repromissionis" means to repromise (!). That isn't close to the meaning I had remembered which leads me to believe either I missed it in context, or I was had by the previous author (nothing like passing on erroneous translation to score points for the deconstructionists--I'm hoping they'll pop up on an Entertainment Tonight Weekend "Where are they now?" special). Funny to think that there are many gateways to Hell from earth, but rarely any to Heaven, and few myths of heroes visiting them....


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